Click For Enlargement LEVELPEGS are used to pour self-leveling compounds and mortar to a specific, accurate depth. The new LEVELPEG design features dual measurement indicator marks in inches and millimeters: Side one measures between 6 to 64 millimeters and side two measures between 3/16 to 2 1/2 inches. When used in conjunction with the NIVCOMP, you simply read the proper height on the NIVCOMP then cut the LEVELPEG to match.

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Click For Enlargement Enables a user, working alone, to easily make precision level and elevation measurements in inches or millimeters. Reaches a 150 ft diameter and works around corners and obstacles (no line-of-site required). Electronically displays measurements in large, easy-to-read digits. Includes four extension rods, rod end cap, and magnetic clamp allows for stand up measurement of floors and increases the Nivcomps's overhead reach to 8ft.

Price - $1195.00
Price includes free ground shipping